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We gratefully acknowledge the National Cancer Institute NCI for biological evaluation of compounds on their cell panel. In this type of activity, the Hazard is omnipresent and the events, unexpected, often bring new perspectives. The synthetic methodologies we develop in our group since many years now have for heart the formation of N-acyliminiums cations, as stable species which generated generally in acid medium.

This provide, after an ultimate functional arrangements, new structures based on new, simple, original and effective processes.

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In addition, the choice of the target molecules is closely linked to that of the collaborators or mutually depending on the case. In this presentation, the illustration of these processes comes through few major applications which we shall present.

Also the main factors pivotal during these reactions as well as the synthetic and mechanistic aspects will be presented and discussed.

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Tetrahedron56, Tetrahedron Lett. Synthesis Tetrahedron62 Heterocycles54, ; Sikoraiova, J. Pesquet, A. Arkivocviii, 27; Comesse, S. Martel, A. Lett,13, Tetrahedron60, ; Oukli, N. Tetrahedron67, ; Fleury, J. Synlett In: Gary A. Molander and Paul Knochel eds. Two distinct families of L-glutamate receptors have been described: the ionotropic - ligand-gated ion channels - iGluRs, and the metabotropic - G-protein-coupled receptors - GPCRs. Dr amy lee pierdere în greutate early '90s indicated that molecules reducing the desensitization of AMPA receptors through a positive allosteric modulation may be useful agents in the treatment of CNS disorders characterized by learning and memory impairments such as Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, schizophrenia or depressive disorders.

Temperature effect on the mechanical properties of gold nano films with different thickness C Birleanu, M Pustan, V Merie, R Müller, R Voicu, A Baracu and S Craciun Open abstract View article, Temperature effect on the mechanical properties of gold nano films with different thickness PDF, Temperature effect on the mechanical properties of gold nano films with different thickness The microelectronic industry has been growing rapidly over the past years, as has its reliance on thin-film deposition techniques for components manufacturing. As modern devices generate quite a bit of heat and peak temperatures can reach over °C, there is a need to provide adequate cooling for a device to stay operable. A series of chrome gold films with various thicknesses were prepared on silicon substrate. The structural and surface morphology, adhesion, friction, Young's modulus and hardness of this thin film were studied for three different thicknesses under temperature variations between 20 to °C.

Compounds belonging to two distinct chemical classes have been described: the benzamides early represented by aniracetam, and the benzothiadiazines early represented by cyclothiazide and IDRA A huge amount of work was done at Servier around benzothiadiazine structures: compound S entered the clinic late '90s but was finally discontinued. The next generations of compounds provided several preclinical candidates.

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Among them, a large series of original pyrido- thieno- and benzothiadiazines has been developed in collaboration between the Servier Research Institute in France and Liège University in Belgium. The present communication will be focused on the medicinal chemistry around the benzothiadiazine derivatives - design, synthesis, in vitro and in vivo evaluation, structure-activity relationships.

Green access to heterocycles: aqueous media or solventless reactions? The development of novel, simple and cleaner synthetic protocols through the valorization of biomass, the use of catalytic process as well as alternative media ranks among the most important green chemistry principles.

Among them, organic reactions in aqueous media and mechanochemistry have attracted much recent attention. Water is one of the most abundant, cheapest, and environmentally friendly solvents.

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The discovery of new reagents and catalysts for the production of novel transformations or make a classic reaction more efficient is a very promising area of research. In the last two decades, native and modified cyclodextrins CD have been used as nano-reactors in various organic reactions as oxidation, addition, hydrolysis and even more recently in multicomponent cyclisation reactions in water.

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Furthermore, these supramolecules are eco slim varyi ou faux natural cyclic oligosaccharides. CD can be recovered and reused in subsequent reactions without loss of activity. One of the main challenges in medicinal chemistry is the design and synthesis of biologically active molecule which calls for clean procedures avoiding the use of harmful organic solvent. In the second time we will report green alternative for access to heterocyclic compound in solvent less condition by means of mechanochemistry.

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Acknowledgements The autors gratefully acknowledge two students Edita Vaiciunaite and Liudvikas Akelis for their contribution on the subject. References S. Menuel, J. Rousseau, C. Rousseau, E. Vaiciunaite, J. Dodonova, S. Tumkevicius, E. Rousseau, J. Rousseau, S. Menuel, E. Vaiciunaite, L. Akelis, J. Monflier Green Chem. These tosylhydrazones, generating in situ metal carbenes are likely large synthetic applications, as we have already shown see scheme below.

Under this method, various poly-substituted alkenes are prepared in a convergent way.

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A chemical library of olefinic compounds eco slim varyi ou faux been established and tested for their tubulin polymerization inhibition and cytotoxic activities.

These results will be presented here.

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  • Therefore, there is a constant need to develop versatile, convenient and cost-effective autifouling strategies in healthcare.
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F; Bernadat, G. Non-viral vectors for gene therapy Cristina M. Uritu1, Andrei I. Dascalu1, Dragos Peptanariu1, Stelian S. Maier1'2, Bogdan C. In this respect, the nucleic acids chains to be inserted into the cells are generally incorporated into engineered viral or non-viral vectorsi. Non-viral vectorization of DNA has certain advantages against viral methods, including the ability of large scale production and the simplicity of use, besides the decrease of the occurrence of undesirable immune response.

This is why non-viral carriers are of actual interest, and are developed preferentiallyii. Polyethylene imine PEI is one of the most investigated polycation as transfectant entity, due to its abundantly positive charged amine groups. PEI molecule itself, although very effective in DNA packaging and release, shows a high cytotoxicity when tested in cell cultures.

Therefore it is aimed to conjugate PEI with various molecules in order to enhance the transfection efficiency in parallel with the cell viability. Biodegradability represents another severe issue, when the biological functionality of the cells must be preserved in vivo.

To reduce the potential cytotoxicity of PEI and simultaneously to increase the biocompatibility of the transfectant carrier, PEG chains were also introduced. EYFP plasmid was used to evidentiate the gene transfer mediated by the synthesized carriers. References: i L. Novo, E. Mastrobattista, C. Bioconjugate Chem. Yu, J. Park, S. Theranostics2, Forrest, J. Koerber, D. A degradable polyethylenimine derivative with low toxicity for highly efficient gene delivery.